Live Music featuring Lloyd McCarter and the Honky Tonk Revival, Crete Nebraska, Friday August 19th

Lloyd McCarter and The Honky Tonk Revival is no stranger to The 1206, or to most of Eastern Nebraska, for that matter! This is one band that I will go to see over and over and if you ask any one of Lloyd’s loyal fans, they will tell you the same thing. Lloyd’s smooth voice, Tilton’s goofy antics and McCraken’s electric guitar and steel chops are a magical combination in and of themselves, but then add in that DRUMMER, The 1206’s very own Justin G Jones and his smoking hot beat, and you’ve literally got the best Honky Tonk in a 52 state area!

Like walking through the doors of The gorgeous 1206, it’s just not enough to describe Lloyd’s show to you, but you have to see them for yourselves to really appreciate the raw talent on the stage! We are so grateful that this extraordinary group is once again gracing the doors of The 1206 this month, and we will have the dance floor ready to slide around to your favorite Old-Timey tunes.

If you haven’t yet been to The 1206, we are only about 25 minutes away from Lincoln and it’s a pretty drive any way you take it. If you ask me (and why wouldn’t you) we are literally the best local music venue in the County and we are welcoming to all!

So, put on your shit kickers, tighten up your pants and get your amazing self to The 1206 in Crete, Nebraska to two-step the night away!! See you August 19th. Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8!

August 18, 2022 at The 1206 in Crete, Nebraska
Lloyd McCarter and The Honky Tonk Revival

Photos by: Elayne Woods Photography

  1. Mitch Bean says:

    Just watched Nebraska Stories on PBS featuring Lloyd McCarter & The Honky-tonk Revival. Really enjoyed it. 1st time I heard of them or music by him/them.
    Would enjoy hearing them live

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