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We find that a lot of people get really excited about small town weddings but often think they would be sacrificing the quality or service that they may get in a bigger city.  That's where we come in!  Elayne grew up in a small Nebraska town so understands fully the community and togetherness that comes with that.  However, after leaving Sargent, she spent several years traveling and lived in several different cities including St. Louis, Phoenix and she even did a small stint in Southern France.  Through her travels, and through being a high-end wedding photographer the past several years, Elayne's taste and standards raised to a level befitting a big bustling city like Chicago or Manhattan, but she's still a small town girl at heart.  These two lives combined to create The 1206 where you get the small town service and accommodation,  but as soon as you walk through the doors of The 1206, you actually feel like you could be in the coolest and vibiest district in any big city. The best part about this is that we are only 25 minutes from Lincoln so we love considering ourselves a Lincoln Wedding Venue in addition to serving all of the small towns in Saline, Seward and Lancaster County.  All you have to do is hop on your party bus and be transformed into a different era.

If you LOVE us and want us for your wedding or reception venue, it's best to contact is prior to solidifying your date, just to make sure that we will be free for you!  We offer discounts for Off-Season weddings (between November - March) and on Friday's and Sundays! 

First things first, let's check availability!  Contact us and let us know your desired wedding date and we will see if we're free! If you're flexible on date then all the better! We will just look at our calendar and find a day that works for both of us!


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We want you to experience the romantic lighting, the high ceilings and the romantic jazz playing in the background as you check out our Speakeasy inspired lounge, the elegant women's room and the rest of our gorgeous space.  Our walk-thru's are complimentary and it's a great way to ask us all of the questions!

We know that our photos only tell a part of the story, but it's important for you to walk in through the doors of our 1920s, Art Deco inspired building so that you can see first hand just how special this space is!

let us show you how special The 1206 is!

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I'm more than happy to hop on the phone with you to answer any preliminary questions that you might have about availability, pricing, access periods and 1206 policies.  Give us a call or shoot us a text with your questions and we will do our best to answer those as well as use that time to set up your complimentary walk-thru!

We know that you are busy because, let's be honest, you just got engaged and your head is swimming with all of the wedding planning that's ahead!

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