Why Book The 1206, in Crete NE, for Your Wedding Reception?

As we head into what many wedding professionals call “Engagement Season”, because of Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day, we want to introduce ourselves to all of you amazing new couples who have found their Penguin! With an elegant and moody 1920s styled venue, we offer something completely different than anyone else in the area. Also, as a newer venue, we offer plenty of availability, which we know is hard to come by these days, and you don’t have to sacrifice quality or service just to book a place! So, as you start on the exciting journey of planning your wedding, here are NINE reasons that you should book The 1206 to host your reception!


ONE. The Vibe: We know that a lot of Nebraska humans love their rustic barn weddings, but we’re here to offer an alternative to those who want a different vibe and want a venue that has the ability to seat up to 200 guests. Since our historic Downtown Crete building, located only 20ish miles from Lincoln, was built in the early 1900s, we’ve brought to life the 1920s-era art deco elegance, including original tin ceilings painted a golden hue, and exposed brick walls enhanced with mirrors and deco design. Since the owner/designer was a wedding photographer the past decade, she has taken special care not to spare any detail so that your wedding photos look as delicious as the cake you may have ordered from Butterfly Bakery or Nothing Bundt Cakes

TWO. No Bar Minimums: We don’t want to punish you for not being an alcoholic, so we refuse to impose bar minimums on you or your guests, and we do not charge extra for Non-Alcoholic events. We also have an espresso machine behind the bar and we know how to use it, so for NA events, that’s always an option! We proudly serve Archetype Espresso!

THREE. Free Parking: All parking is close and free – the most you will likely have to walk is a couple blocks! You won’t have to stress about finding a spot on a Husker Game Day or have to pay a fortune to park in the garage. Also, since the trip to Crete, NE from Lincoln is quicker than actually driving across Lincoln, it’s really a no-brainer to make the pretty trek to have your reception with us! In addition to Free Parking, Crete offers a new hotel on the outskirts of town for your guests to rest after an evening of celebrating with you! You can check out The Fairfield and ask for a block rate!

FOUR. Service: Our commitment to you is to always give exceptional service. We go above and beyond to make sure that the only thing you worry about is how groovy you look on the dance floor. Our friendly bar staff is trained to accommodate and serve responsibly, and we also staff an Event Supervisor to problem-solve any issues that may arise during your time with us!

The 1206 Speakeasy Lounge in Crete Nebraska
The 1206 Lounge

FIVE. Value: Since we are in a small town, we have the ability to offer lower prices than other comparable venues. Your rental fee includes tables, chairs, linens (black or ivory) and bar staff. We include set-up of those items, so you or your decorator can walk in the door and get started without having to worry about moving or lifting heavy furniture. Your rental access hours are 9am to 1am, so you have plenty of time to get in, get your biz done and get to having an AMAZING time before packing up and heading out to start your blissful life together.

SIX. Choose your own Caterer: When it comes to food, we want you to have all the options, so unlike many venues, we let you select your own food provider! We definitely have our favorites we recommend, like Chef au Chef and Relish Catering, but ultimately it’s up to you. We give licensed and insured caterers access to our large catering kitchen so that you can leave it all in their capable hands to provide outstanding food and table service!

SEVEN. On-site Decoration Rental: We know that you want to spend your budget on things like wedding regalia, booze and food, and let’s be honest, buying and selling decorations is a huge pain in the a$$. To make things simple for you, we have several options for tasteful and elegant centerpieces to rent to save you both time and money. Rental fees even include placing them where they go! If we don’t have everything you’re looking for, we love This and That Event Rentals to find the rest.

This and That Event Rentals

EIGHT. LGBTQ+ : All humans are welcome to get married and party in our venue! We are sad that it even needs to be said, but these days. . . it needs to be said. We love ALL love and encourage all to find a space where they feel safe and comfortable.

NINE. Humility: We are still a fairly new venue and we admit that at times we’re still figuring our sh*t out, but with that comes the willingness to grow, to accommodate and to go above and beyond to try and head off issues before they even occur. The best way to assure that your event goes exactly the way you want it to is open communication, which is our forte. We will always do our best to make sure that you leave our venue feeling joy and love from all of your friends, family, as well as from us! If you aren’t happy with something, please just tell us and let us use it as a way to challenge ourselves to be better. We will never be done learning or growing!

So, as you can see the choice is really clear. We are the the best wedding reception venue within a 60 mile radius of Lincoln and you won’t regret choosing us for your reception (and ceremony if you need!). We want your wedding day to be an easy and joyful experience, so please let us help assure that for you!! You can contact us to set up your complimentary walk-thru so that you can see firsthand why you want to book The 1206!

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