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HELLO!! I’m finally taking time to sit down and write a blog post for The 1206 Event Space in Crete, Nebraska! My name is Elayne and my husband, Justin and I have owned and operated our exciting new venue for about a year now and as we’re getting things dialed in, we have decided that we need to share more about what a great place this is to have your wedding reception, or even get married here!

The 1206 is only about a 20-30 minute drive from Downtown Lincoln or Lincoln Southpoint and that drive is gorgeous! With the new beltway getting done, it will be even quicker and easier to get to Crete, not to mention, incredibly scenic with rolling hills and beautiful farms to check out along the way!

We have found that a lot of our Lincoln clients LOVE to have their reception here because it’s so much easier than dealing with the the craziness of the Haymarket. You ALSO get to have your reception in one of the most GORGEOUS spaces around, as well as take advantage of the free street parking and small town feel, without compromising the quality and the service that you expect from the city. We have a seated guest capacity of 200 of your favorite people, a stage you can use for your head table or your band and I can’t even start on the gorgeous ladies room that I designed to be perfect for your wedding day selfie game!

This stunning venue was actually designed by me, Elayne Woods, a former wedding photographer. Throughout the years and hundreds of wedding receptions that I shot, I learned to view everything through a lens of what a client wants to see in a photograph or album. I learned that ugly chairs or weird paintings in the background isn’t super desirable in images, so I designed the space to look gorgeous from any angle and I gave a lot of thought to all of the little details.

We also wanted our space to be walk-in ready and since we already have an elegant 1920s vibe, you have the option to save money on decorations because the space itself is beautiful enough that all you really need to do is walk in and plop down your centerpieces on the already clothed tables and have a great time! We are also accumulating a nice variety of candle holders and centerpieces that will be available to rent if you don’t want to have to go out and spend a ton of money on things that you’ll have no idea what to do with once your reception is over. Basically, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to have the most gorgeous wedding reception ever!

In addition to all of this, we have designed a moody Speakeasy “esque” Lounge to serve you and your guest libations! Upon request, we will even come up with a signature drink for your guests to partake of, assuring that your guests know that you spent a lot of time and thought to make sure their experience is one to remember!

Whereas we take care of all drinks, alcoholic or non, we do allow you to bring in the caterer of your choice! We LOVE this option, because 1. we think food is WAY beyond our skill set and 2. you get to customize your guest experience the way YOU want it by hiring the caterer that will fit your needs! We can certainly provide you recommendations of our favorite people to work with, but as long as they are a licensed and insured caterer, we will allow them in at no extra charge! I’m going to be honest, one of the coolest weddings I shot had mashed potatoes served out of martini glasses and I’m secretly hoping that someone does that here!

As if this all wasn’t enough, we ALSO have an espresso machine behind the bar and the ability to serve you and your guests americanos, lattes and mochas! I mean, who doesn’t love an Oat Milk Latte after a night of drinking and dancing?!

Ok. . . well, if I haven’t convinced you yet, then the last piece of the puzzle here is to just walk in our doors, hear the jazz playing overhead and feel the vibe yourself. Please contact us at savethedate@the1206.com to set up your walk through! We are SO excited to meet you!

In the meantime, enjoy a few images I took at the last wedding we had in!

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