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For starters, you may be asking yourself, “What does this b*tch know about wedding photography, and why is she trying to be the boss of me!” Let me introduce myself. I’m Elayne Woods and I am a retired wedding photographer. I was self-taught and fought the urge to start doing weddings for a handful of […]

Nebraska Wedding Photographer

As we head into what many wedding professionals call “Engagement Season”, because of Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day, we want to introduce ourselves to all of you amazing new couples who have found their Penguin! With an elegant and moody 1920s styled venue, we offer something completely different than anyone else in the area. […]

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One of my strengths is that of a Visionary and "Idea Person". Are you having some sort of blockage when it comes to figuring out a plan, or starting a new business? I can help you get the ideas flowing!

Brainstorming sessions are held away from your home or your work where often times get you caught up in all of the other things you feel you have to do. We will find a place where you can open your mind and we will sit and start talking through scenarios.  

Whereas I cannot promise we will find all of the answers in the first hour, we can at least get your creative juices flowing so that you can start moving forward!

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Hey friend, are you struggling with creative block?

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